Contemporary Home Build

Step into the world of contemporary elegance with this stunning, custom-built home by Century Custom Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona. This architectural gem masterfully combines fun and funky elements with a sleek, minimalistic design. The home's modern office space is a marvel of ingenuity, featuring a desk seamlessly integrated into a glass railing that overlooks the entry hallway, creating a sense of openness and fluidity.

As you enter the ultramodern living room, you are greeted with a space that epitomizes minimalistic design. The room is adorned with custom recessed lighting and low-profile furniture, setting the stage for bold pops of yellow, red, and black, adding vibrancy and energy to the area. This color scheme is not just confined to the living room; it extends throughout the house, creating a cohesive and dynamic aesthetic.

The house's entry hall offers a unique visual experience, allowing a panoramic view of both the family room and the upstairs office. The use of bold colors, distinctive shapes, and block design throughout the house makes a powerful and memorable statement.

One of the home's most striking features is the front entry, where massive glass doors and a window wall open up to the front patio, blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. This theme of transparency and openness continues in the backyard, where huge window walls provide a glimpse into every room of the house. The exterior is as meticulously designed as the interior, featuring a clean, minimalist landscape highlighted by square shapes and lines. A long, narrow pond accentuates these geometric forms, adding a serene yet striking element to the outdoor space.