Black Contemporary

Embark on a journey of architectural elegance with Century Custom Homes' 'Black Contemporary' project, a comprehensive home renovation that seamlessly blends form with function. At the heart of this transformation is the kitchen, a bespoke creation by An Original, Inc., in collaboration with designer Robin Grant. It features custom maple cabinetry and a distinct taupe stain, epitomizing the fusion of modern design with practical sophistication. The island, a masterpiece in its own right, adds a unique character to the space.

As we transition from the kitchen to the rest of the home, the renovation continues to impress. Living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms have been reimagined to create an ambiance of contemporary luxury. Each room, with its thoughtful layout and design, offers a unique experience that balances aesthetic refinement with everyday practicality.

The outdoor areas of this home are transformed into tranquil havens, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. These spaces mirror the interior's commitment to elegance and functionality, ensuring a cohesive design experience throughout the property.

This 'Black Contemporary' project by Century Custom Homes is more than just a renovation; it's a redefinition of modern living. It showcases how innovative design can turn a house into a sophisticated, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home.