Mid-Century Contemporary

Mid-Century Contemporary Project - Scottsdale, AZ
This project was a full teardown remodel in Scottsdale, AZ. The project was intended to be a mid-century modern design from the start.
It took some time for the owners to find the correct "bones" of a house to remodel. Once they did, a number of structural changes were made to achieve the desired look and we stepped in to provide guidance on how the project was to evolve during the demo and final floor plan layout. We embraced the existing jogs in the main kitchen wall, which we used to create a natural interest point... mimicking the structured feel found in a number of mid-century designs.
The white quartz waterfall countertop and high gloss white PET cabinet finishes give the look a very contemporary spin on a mid-century modern design. And the Terra TSS finish on the lower cabinet add to the cool and clean feel.
The true centerpiece of this design is no doubt the contrast wall panel that is integrated with adjacent high gloss white PET and the same high gloss white material makes up the shelves. This finish also extends to surround the fridge. The fridge is NOT a counter depth fridge which makes for a very deep chasm, and the entire surround uses finished materials versus the flat look and finish of a drywall return wall. This creates yet another detail for this space.
The same TSS material was selected in a number of other areas you'll see including the master bath and also the fireplace storage cabinets in the family room.