Via De Lago

Discover a home like no other, where contrasting materials come together in perfect harmony. Here at Century Custom Homes, we take pride in presenting a unique masterpiece.

This extraordinary home showcases a captivating kitchen that exemplifies our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The center island boasts high-quality Sepele wood, while the perimeter cabinets feature peppercorn opaque varnish. The marble countertop surfaces with stunning bluish-black veining create a visual masterpiece that complements the beautiful peppercorn accents. Glass doors on the upper cabinets and white-painted interiors add a touch of modern sophistication. The sleek stainless steel appliances and the striking red gas-oven range complete the kitchen's allure. Natural stained bar stools and custom parquet flooring add warmth and character to the space.

For those seeking inspiration for their next home renovation project, consider the possibilities that contrasting materials and expert craftsmanship can bring to your space. Contact Century Custom Homes to turn your vision into a reality and explore more of our renovation portfolio for additional ideas and insights into our work.